Tuesday, July 8, 2008

new table for my layout

my mom found this at a yard sale and thought it would be good for me so shee gave it to me it works real well

Sunday, June 29, 2008


i painted some nice white rapids on the river and spilled the paint as you can see in the pic below. it can easly be covered up with ground cover .if it got in the water it would have been another story. i sacraficed my fingers to prevent this.
over all i think it turned out verry good even though pristine white rapids probably would not be found in muddy water.

here is yet another pic of my bilboard. i just love my bilboard! the company that makes them (blair line) makes lots of cool realistic stuff.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

painting the road

at first i painted a dashed line in the road but after looking at some pics of highways i noticed that some had a solid line so i made some of the road have a solid line. it turned out that having a solid line covered up the messed up dashes i made so i just made the hole thing solid.
i love this pic of my bilboard

water effects

i got water effects and some paint today at the hobby store. i like this paint it is verry nice paint(being the cheapest at the hobby store counts as a factor in this conclusion). it is thin witch is cool because it makes it easy to paint with. i plan to use this to make foamy rapids. i also used thit to paint my road ill post those next
it was hard to get the paint off of the paper towel i put it on so i made a pallete
(i think thats what its called) out of a soda box(cherry coca-cola to be exact)
the paint brush could have been pointer but it was ok.

making the new H2O

here is my atempt at using the idea from the article

i used a container i could bend beacase my river is so small. the straw was not the best choice for a stir stick but it was all i had.when i thought it was tera cota(or however you spell it) but i guess it was raw sienna. it was a litle too orange but it is good enough for me.
see the orangeness

as you can see it dries darker but still looks a litle weird but it is better than all the other things i tried.
now im going to buy water effects and put rapids in it

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

here are the pics from the article

here is the part i like they put the paint in the water stuff

i also liked this now im going to try to add rapids to mine

Monday, June 16, 2008


well the food colloring thing looked like well thin gatoraid so i just did not know what to do. that is until i stumbled upon a article in this months model railroader magizine (wich i got for free yay!) where they put brown paint into the water to give it a muddy look ill see if i can get it scaned into the computer so I can post it

Sunday, April 6, 2008

lately iv'e been woking on my river and lake. when i painted the bottom it turned out really ugly so i decided to paint dark on the botton layer of realistic water and get lighter every layer hopefully geting making it so it got darker the deeper the lahe water got. i guess i was not thinking beacase i went and got the paint and put it on and i noticed it was not clear,duh. so i tried mixing it with water and pouring it in but it looked terrable. for awile ive been wandering what to do then i saw this picture

when i saw this it struck me that i should color the water so im going to put rocks on the botom and put some food coloring in the realistic water. hopefully it looks good

Saturday, March 22, 2008

grass is growing on the mountain

i used the extra grass and talus from the river/waterfall kit on the mountain and i think it looks good

some weeds grew on my layout

wile at a hobby store in utah i decided to get some woodland scenics feild grass. installing it is a pain but in the end it is worth it

Sunday, March 2, 2008

tree on the mountain

put a little tree on the mountain.


i got the woodland scenics river/ waterfall learning kit
i does not come with enough realistic water but i got it beacase it came with other stuff that wanted for my river(talus,water effects, etc.). it also came with a small roll of plaster cloth witch i can use for other things

road signs and billboard

i thought i would go ahead and put in my sighs and billboard. i think it turned out great

Monday, February 25, 2008

blair line billboard

I bought a deco style billboard kit from blair line and overall it looks great i accidentaly got a drop of super glue on the picture and it smered but it slill looks good